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Cryptocurrency is slowly revolutionising the online casino market

For several years now, cryptocurrency has been captivating and intriguing. It has become possible to pay for almost anything in virtual currency. Online casinos have understood this and are riding the wave by offering players the possibility of making their deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies. This means of payment has a lot of advantages for the user, we will discover which ones.

A growing craze among online casino users

Bitcoin, Litcoin, Etherum, Monero, Dogecoin are names that come up very often in the financial world. These are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world and are becoming very popular with Bitcoin Casino users and other cryptos. The latter are increasingly opting for this payment method when allowed by the casino.

What are the reasons for this growing success?

Cryptocurrency gambling

Transaction fees: the majority of casinos by offering cryptocurrency as a payment method do not charge any extra fees on payments made by players. This way you save on unnecessary fees.

Discreet transactions: when a player makes a deposit with crypto, the online casino’s verification procedure is different than with fiat currency. There is no need to fill in their identity information.

Secure payments: money transfers made with blockchain are the most secure in the world. This is because they go through powerful algorithms that are impossible to hack.

Fast transactions: funds are credited to the player’s account in less than an hour on average. This is much faster than a bank transfer, which takes on average three working days to be added to the user’s account.

Special offers: in an effort to attract as many players as possible using cryptocurrency, online casinos are competing with ideas. Indeed, they offer users special bonuses, dedicated machines, or even exclusive promotional offers.

Is playing with cryptocurrency safe?

Despite all the advantages mentioned above, betting money via crypto can involve some risks due to the volatility of these virtual currencies. Indeed, these currencies can fluctuate and go up or down in the space of a day.

It is therefore advisable to be cautious in following the price of these currencies and if necessary convert your balance into euros on the casino site in case of a significant drop.